Red Oak hardwood flooring is a product of natural beauty and durability.  Our Premier Red Oak is produced for us by Superior Flooring of Ontario, Canada.  We chose Superior because of its great quality of manufacturing and affordable pricing.  Our ¾” solid Red Oak is part of the Premier Grade offering which means less variation and character

Red Oak hardwood flooring is renowned for its enduring hardness and classic beauty. Featuring a distinct wavy grain pattern and a subtle reddish hue in its natural, unstained state, Red Oak wood flooring is an iconic hardwood choice that has been made by homeowners for centuries.

Appearance: The heartwood and sapwood of red oak are similar in appearance, which is light-colored with a reddish tone. The grain of red oak is open, and somewhat coarser, and so more porous, than that of white oak, which tends to have longer rays.

Properties: Red oak is notably stiff and dense, has high shock resistance, and resists wear.

Janka Hardness: 1290 Red oak has a ranking of 1290 (compared to that of white oak, which is 1360).

Description: Plank Size Wide 3 1/4″, 4 3/4″
Species: Red Oak
Grade: Premier
Texture: Red Oak Smooth
Construction: Solid
Finish: Low Sheen
Carton Quantity: 23 Sq Ft, 22.5 Sq Ft
Plank Dimensions: 9″ to 90″
Installation: Nail • Staple

Additional information

Additional information

Flooring Lines Superior Premier Red Oak

Types Solid Hardwood

Species Red Oak