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What does “random lengths” mean?

This means that the lengths of the hardwood planks will vary. “Random lengths” provide a more natural, unpatterned look when the floor is installed. Often, random lengths are indicated with labels that say, “1 to 7 feet.”

If you’re looking for engineered wood flooring, then turn to the team at Legacy Flooring Collection.

What should I use to clean my floor?

As an expert hardwood flooring wholesaler, we recommend using a brand name hardwood cleaner. You should opt for one that is made by a hardwood flooring manufacturer.

We recommend the Legacy Flooring Collection Cleaning Kit. Do not use oil soaps, waxes, furniture polish, vinegar, ammonia-based products, steam mops, or your vacuum cleaner with the beater bar turning.

Can I use a steam cleaner on my hardwood flooring?

Never use a steam cleaner on wood flooring. Its very nature pushes water onto the floor, which can cause the finish to bubble as the water gets under the finish. The wood can plump, warp, twist, or mold. This may leave your floor damaged and void your warranty.

I have used an oil base cleaner. How do i get back my floor’s original shine?

Contact the manufacturer of the cleaner to find out how it can be safely removed. You can also give us a call to learn more about maintaining your property’s wood flooring.

I have glue left on my floor from the installation. How do I remove it?

Since there is a wide variety of installation glues available, we recommend that you contact the specific glue manufacturer involved to find out the safest way to remove the product from your floor.

According to From The Forest, an expert woodworking company, hardwood floors can last anywhere between 25 and 100 years. To have a long-lasting hardwood floor installed, get in touch with Legacy Flooring Collection.

How does moisture affect my hardwood flooring?

Excessive moisture can lead to numerous changes to your floor including cupping, buckling, or cracking. As reliable, experienced hardwood flooring suppliers, we recommend speaking with our professionals about how to take care of your property’s hardwood floors.

What can I do to protect my floors?

Your hardwood floors can be protected by using felt pads on all furniture. Our wood flooring experts also recommend keeping a welcome mat and rugs near entryways to remove dirt, pebbles, and rock salt from shoes that can scratch and damage floors over time.