Understanding How Hardwood Flooring Is Refinished Properly

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If you have hardwood flooring in your home, you know they add beauty and value. But over time, normal wear and tear can cause them to lose their luster. When this happens, refinishing is the best way to restore their natural beauty. According to From The Forest, hardwood floors can last as long as 100 years when properly cared for. Here’s what the refinishing process entails so you know what to expect.

Preparing the Floor

Before refinishing can begin, the floor needs to be cleared and prepared. This includes removing all furniture, rugs, and decorative items from the rooms with hardwood floors. Baseboards should also be removed so that floor edges can be accessed. Any nails or staples must be removed or hammered down so they are flush with the floorboards. Cleaning and vacuuming come next to remove surface debris. Any particularly stubborn spots should be hand-cleaned. Proper preparation is crucial for the new finish to adhere correctly.

Sanding the Surface

The bulk of the refinishing work involves sanding to remove the existing finish and smooth the hardwood’s surface. Professionals use specialized equipment like drum sanders, edge sanders, and hand scrapers. The process starts with coarse grit sandpaper to strip off the old finish. Progressively finer grits are used until the desired smoothness is achieved. The goal is to remove damage and wear without going deeper than the hardwood’s top layer. Sanding also prepares the surface for maximum adhesion.

Applying the New Finish

After sanding, the floor is thoroughly vacuumed and tack cloth cleaned in preparation for the new finish. Most homeowners choose polyurethane, which provides a durable yet beautiful finish. The finish comes in different sheen levels, like satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Based on our professional experience, it’s best to apply two to three coats using a specialized applicator. Each coat is lightly sanded with fine sandpaper between applications for a smooth final result. Proper drying time between coats is essential. Once fully cured, the hardwood flooring is ready for light foot traffic.

Refinishing your hardwood flooring requires a strong understanding of what to do. While it takes time and temporarily displaces your household, the results are well worth it. The process removes years of wear to reveal the hardwood’s original beauty and character. Your refinished floors look brand new again while retaining their timeless charm and appeal. With proper care, your freshly refinished floors should maintain their renewed glow for many years before needing to be redone. If your hardwood floors have seen better days, reach out to Legacy Flooring Collection to learn more about caring for your hardwood floors.

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