On the surface, hardwood flooring seems simple, but as you look deeper into it, it can become a f complications and confusion.  To make matters worse, many of your larger retailers hire salespeople and provide them with very little training.  Then the unwitting consumer relies on information that is often inaccurate.

In this series of blogs, I hope bring clarity into this otherwise convoluted subject matter.

Unfinished versus Prefinished

Engineered versus Solid

When engineered hardwood first hit the scene it was often referred to as “laminate” or“fake wood” simply because it wasn’t solid.  Whether it was their intent or not, these pioneers created a category that is truly changing hardwood flooring.

Because of the dimensional stability of the multiply core, these products can be made longer, wider, and from species that are just not suitable for certain climates in a solid platform.  They can be installed below grade in your home.